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We are change agents.


iNTREPiD iMPACT Team drives culture shifts by implementing a language of leadership that bridges the gap between “carpet people,” also known as management, and where the rubber meets the road.


Client interface, personal development and team health all suffer when there’s a leadership disconnect. We shatter the glittering image to reveal true authenticity. 

We equip business owners, executives and their teams with the tools to fight for the highest possible good of those they lead. 

What we believe.

We seek to glorify God by leading others to outcomes they would not otherwise achieve. We were all created by Him with a unique Voice and we believe it carries immense Value.


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We lead with our hearts.

Our goals are focused on building lasting relationships before financial transactions. We unlock the potential of people.


We use data and visual metrics.

Our technology is based neurolinguistic science. We use pictures and videos, digital platforms and visual metrics to bring quantitative results to qualitative goals.

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We practice
what we preach.

Our teams are committed to service beyond business. Devotion to our Faith, each other, our clients and our communities ensures our legacy of excellence.

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What we do.

Our mission is simple:

Restore Trust in Leadership.

That's it.

Team leaders rarely, if ever, hear the truth from their people. As a leader, have you ever wondered why? Unhealthy teams lie to one another when there is a lack of trust.


iNTREPiD iMPACT Team unlocks barriers to reveal true authenticity.

We work with leaders at all levels.

iNTRPEPiD iMPACT Team unlocks negative patterns of behavior. Leaders often undermine influence accidentally, without ever knowing it, thus revealing tendencies that prevent true growth, impact and relationship.

Let us transform
your people.

Before spending countless sums of money on recruiting and retention "band aids," let us  maximize your best assets, your people. We institute a language of leadership that requires no specialized education and improves culture; impacting teams at every level.

We will bring value.

Bring us in for workshops, retreats, and keynotes. Let us present for your client appreciation events! We will bring value to your clients by leaving them with transformational wisdom and guidance rather than just hanging out at the bar of your favorite restaurant.

"Jerry has provided a platform for tremendous growth. There is power when you know that everyone is FOR you… I've never seen our staff so engaged!”

Mark Thomas
Pastor-Thrive Church
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